CEO Message

I sincerely appreciate your visiting AM Solution Co., Ltd.

AM Solution Co., Ltd. has started developing ionomers since 2014 and completed “Ionomer Technology Platform” based on our unique modification technology of ethylene-acrylic acid copolymers. We are trying to commercialize these ionomers which can be used for many applications such as permanent antistatic polymers, golf ball covers or mantles, and foam materials for shoes midsoles. Several ionomers have been already commercialized and also we will consistently develop ionomer applications in these market areas.

For new growth engine of company, our research areas are expanded to ionomer application market areas for 4th industry revolution, 5G and eco-friendly areas obtaining wider product and business portfolio. We will continue to take up challenges and ceaselessly research and develop to grow into a world top leading company in ionomer technology and application markets.

The achievements we have made so far would not have been possible if without the support of our customers. We will always lend an ear to our customers’ voices and support to lead and win our customers’ hearts as well as provide products and technology that our customers need. Furthermore, we will take full social responsibility and work to become a company that leads a sharing social culture.

Once again I appreciate your interest in AMSolution Co.,Ltd. and ask for your unfailing support.

President,  Jin Taek Hwang