Research & Deveolpment

AM Solution Co., Ltd. will continue to take up challenges and develop functional new polymers for creating innovative products.

Encapsulation Films for Photovoltaic Cells

Ionomers for encapsulation films of photovoltaic cells are very stable at ultraviolet light with non-yellowing, good humidity barrier and transparency which was required for long-term outdoor applications compared with current EVA films.

Coverlay Films for Transparent LED Modules

Ionomers can be used for coverlay films of LED modules that is applied at LED signage for indoor or outdoor information display. LED signage is composed of LED modules mounted on transparent electrode films and then laminated with coverlay films on modules. Ionomer coverlay films have non-yellowing, water barrier and long-term stability.

Water-dispersed Ionomers

Water-dispersed ionomers are used for antistatic surface coatings of devices or films and also can be blended with conductive materials such as CNT, silver nanowires for lowering contact resistance of interface between electrode materials of flexible displays.

QD Barrier Films

Developing ionomers are used for barrier films of QDEF(Quantum Dot Enhancement Film) in QLED display. Current commercialized barrier films are produced by vacuum deposition of sputtering process but ionomer films can be produced by general plastic film process such as co-extrusion.


Mu-Flex® series are used for functional foams in shoes midsole materials by alloying thermoplastic elastomers with ionomers. These foams are produced by supercritical CO2 gas foaming process of very eco-friendly process with recyclable, not by current chemical foaming process. We are collaborating with domestic and foreign shoes making companies

Midsole foams based on ionomers compounded with thermoplastic elastomers have very small cell size and uniform foam structure due to high melt strength and have excellent compression set value.