Ionomer For Golf Ball

Ionomer I-Flex®

I-Flex® series are functional ionomers synthesized from ethylene and acrylic acid copolymers that carboxyl acids are partially neutralized by metal ions Na+, Zn++, Mg++. I-Flex® series are used for covers or mantles for 2,3-piece golf balls by compounded with thermoplastic elastomers.

Product Line up

ㆍStandard grades are used for 2-piece golf ball covers.
ㆍHardness and mechanical properties are controlled by metal ions and neutralization degree of carboxyl acids by metal ions.
: Acid Content ≥15%, Hardness(D) 54~60, Flexural Modulus >300MPa

  • Low Modulus grades are used for covers of multi-piece golf balls.
  • Very low modulus and hardness for good spin control and touch-feeling on swing.

      : hardness(D) 40~45, Flexural Modulus <~120MPa

  • Soft and high Resilient grades are used for mantles of multi-piece golf balls that have excellent elastic recovery and spin control properties.

         : Hardness(D) <50, Flexural Modulus <~150MPa

High modulus grades are used for mantles of multi-piece golf balls due to enhanced flexural modulus. I-Flex 6110N and 6220N have world-top hardness and flexural modulus of over 600MPa.

High flow grades are used for very thin covers of 3-piece golf balls that have good mechanical strength and improved melt index. These grades are designed for injection molding process of very thin layer of cover world first.  Flexural modulus is over 300MPa and tensile strength is over 30MPa and melt index is over 4.