Permanent antistatic polymers


Permanent antistatic polymers

AM Solution Co., Ltd. commercialized permanent antistatic polymers by its unique technology and is supplying to various customers. Permanent antistatic polymers are key materials for ESD applications  such as antistatic packaging, air cleaners and vacuum cleaners as films or sheets or molding parts.

AM-Stat® Processing Condition

AM-Stat® series are very hygroscopic polymers and drying step is very important  before processing.  According to product type, drying conditions are as follows;

AM-Stat® 1000 series :  Air Dryers @60-70°C, 6-8hrs

AM-Stat® 5000 series :  Air Dryers @70-80°C, 4-6hrs

According to process method, the standard compounding ratio with thermoplastic polymers is as follows;

For Injection Molding,  : 10-20wt% o®

For Extrusion : 10-25wt% of  AM-Stat®

AM-Stat®  is used by dry-blending and pre-compounded.

Polyolefin (LDPE. LLDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA)

AM-Stat® 1000 Series

AM-Stat® 1000TS

AM-Stat® 1060TS

AM-Stat® 1060TSD

AM-Stat® HD90TS

AM-Stat® PP7060TDS


1000 Series

AM-Stat® 1060TSD

Styrenic Polymer

5000 Series

AM-Stat® 5060TS-1

AM-Stat® 5060TS-2

AM-Stat® PS70E-4S (IDP 70%)